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My name is Raina Delisle.

I am a writer, editor, and journalist with a special interest in health, science, and culture. Whether I’m writing a magazine feature or custom copy for a corporate client, I’m passionate about bringing stories to life with words.

Featured work

Coastal science and societies

As an editor at Hakai Magazine, I share stories that explore science, society, and the environment from a coastal perspective.


I regularly contribute health stories to Today’s Parent and Chatelaine, covering a wide range of subjects including using marijuana during pregnancy, eating disorders, and autism.


Speaking with authors, artists, and other creators is inspiring, and I enjoy sharing their work with publications such as the Globe and Mail and Vancouver quarterly MONTECRISTO, where I’ve been a contributor for more than a decade.

Custom copy

From direct mail for major fundraising campaigns to speeches for executives at high-profile events, I’ve developed a wide range of custom copy that engages audiences and delivers results.

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